What We Do

At the core of what we do is make space for students to take leadership roles around issues that they care about and effect them. No matter if that is planning or attending Missouri’s Queer and Ally Student Day at the Statehouse or having someone from the Missouri GSA Network visit their GSA to train and work with them on things going on in their school the focus is always about how can we as a network empower the students to take on leadership in their own school’s club to create change for themselves.

We are a part of a National Association of GSA Networks across the country and attend each year a National Gathering of those Networks each August. We host GSA Summits and attend Youth Summits in Missouri and Student Leadership Training.

We hope that you can find a way to get involved and support the efforts of this network as we strive to put students in leadership roles throughout our organization and empower student leaders across the state to fight homophobia and transphobia in their schools here in Missouri.